Classic Optimum

Classic Optimum Shower Cabine

A safety shower for elderly people

For people of the third age the bathroom is undoubtedly one of the most dangerous rooms of the home. Floors could be slippery and spaces – narrow and cramped. To the same specification as any other model by Zend’O, Optimum Classic is kitted with a super flat and non-slip shower base surface. Offering a particularly easy access, the shower flooring gives maximum safety to elderly people. Different layout solutions can further reduce the risks of a fall: Foldable seat, chromed wall handle, handrail of chromed aluminium could all be easily installed.

Another great advantage: this ergonomic shower brings along a real aesthetic value. Thanks to their height of 210cm, its wall panels would cover any cracked tiles and chipped enamel. They give a fresh, rejuvenated appearance to your bathroom without the need of major building work.

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  • Two wall panels of maximum height of 210cm
  • A made-to-measure shower tray, fitted to the available space
  • Different safety fixtures and fittings
  • Equipment of exceptional range and quality to add to the basic specification
  • White panels to effect natural light in the room
  • Delivery and installation included
  • Bathroom layouts for people with reduced mobility
  • Replacement of your bath tub b a shower


  • Maximum safety thanks to the non-slip coating
  • Shower base with smallest possible elevation to facilitate access
  • Shower synonymous with wellbeing
  • Covers up the imperfections of the tiling
  • Multiple options for individually designed shower
  • Adaptable to all bathrooms

Optimum Classic is composed of

  • Made-to-measure shower base, super flat and non-slip
  • Wall panels of 210cm maximum height manufactured in composite toughened materials
  • Shower screen of clear or granite-effect glass toughened to 6mm thickness with Aquaperle treatment
  • Shower kit Crometta E or S240 from Hansgrohe – 1 stream setting (thermo regulating mixer + mini hand shower and a head shower control knob)
  • Fast flow drain GEBERIT

Create a shower to fit your needs!

Safety options

  • Foldable seat
  • Chromed wall handle (30cm)
  • Handrail in chromed aluminium

Alternative options

  • Sliding and/or opening door
  • Support for the hand shower
  • Chromed corner soap dish

Glass finish

  • Pivot element - 30 and/or 40cm
  • Horizontal printed strip

Ladies and Gentlemen of the third age: Find renewed pleasure in showering!

The experts at Zend’O discover regularly that the everyday personal care is often a source of apprehension for some elderly people. By installing a shower Zend’O, the fear could melt away as its users recover maximum autonomy.

Equipped with a thermo regulating mixer, with a handheld mini shower and a a control knob for a head shower, Optimum Classic offers real moments of wellbeing.

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