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Just in a few hours – replace your bathtub with a shower!

Thanks to the system Zend’O, the bathtub can be replaced with a shower in just a few hours. Often becoming an insurmountable obstacle, the old bathtub is dismantled and replaced by a shower base - super flat, and in the case of Premium Design, with a specially designed wall panels. The shower cubicle is composed of a high wall panel (210com maximum) and a low panel (75, 85 or 100cm).

Manufactured from toughened composite materials and tightly welded to the shower base tray, these panels ensure perfect hygiene and easy maintenance. They are mounted directly onto the current wall coverage – onto the existing tiles for example.

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  • Wall panels design in different heights
  • Basic kit compliant with the panels
  • Safe shower for the whole family
  • Modern and clean appearance
  • Multiple options for personalization
  • Up to the millimeter, made to measure
  • Bathroom layouts for people with reduced mobility
  • Bathroom layouts for elderly clients


  • A building project realised in just a few hours
  • Beautiful and comfortable at the same time
  • The initial aesthetic of the bathroom preserved thanks to the lower panel
  • Adaptable to all bathrooms
  • Different options for individual shower designs
  • Super easy cleaning

Premium Design is composed of

  • Shower base super flat and non-slip, made to measure
  • High wall panel (210cm maximum) and low panel (75, 85 or 100cm)
  • Shower screen - clear or granite-effect glass, toughened to 6mm for safety, treated with Aquaperle
  • Thermo regulaing shower mixer Ecostat Comfort from Hansgrohe
  • Shower kit Croma Select E or S from Hansgrohe (flexible shower handle, handheld shower head Select – 3 different stream settings)
  • Fast flow shower drain GEBERIT

A shower that fits the needs of your household!

Safety options

  • Foldable shower seat
  • Chromed wall handle (30cm)
  • Handrail in chromed aluminium (matt)

Alternative options

  • Shower kit Croma Select E or S180 from Hansgrohe – 2 different stream settings (thermo regulating mixer + small handheld shower head + control knob for the head shower)
  • Sliding door and opening door
  • Support of the hand shower
  • Corner soap holder in chrome netting

Glass finish

  • Pivot element - 30 and/or 40cm
  • Horizontal printed strip

Renew your bathroom in record time!

Starting at the basic specification, Premium Design equips you with a high quality plumbing for the taps, supplied by the German company Hansgrohe. There are different options for individual design: clear or granite-effect glass, with or without horizontal strip etc. With Zend’O you would modernize your bathroom just a few hours.

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After more than 5000 showers installed to date, Zend’O stands out as a company with great experience, great quality and personal service.

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